Lucy’s 2nd Annual Yule Gift Guide

giftWell, well, well! It’s that time again, innit? 😀 As I did around this time last year, I wanted to share some of my favorite discoveries that would make great gifts for the Pagans in your life (or even for yourself!)

I believe in supporting small businesses whenever possible, so please make sure you check out your own favorite shops this Saturday (“Small Business Saturday”) to see what they have going on, too! (I apologize for the lack of pictures, I didn’t want to run into copyright issues with the sellers. It’s that magical time of year when I get yelled at more than usual as it is, haha!)

  • First up is Elven Nog tea from The Forest Witch. Okay, so I picked the one I most want to try this year, but Mia has lots of fun and festive blends (and samplers!), all of which you can find at her main website. If you don’t live in Canada, I would suggest ordering ASAP if you want your tea in time for Yule! I love giving tea as a gift, because you can pair a unique blend with a cute little diffuser and/or a mug that suits the recipient’s personality, and you have a wonderful, personal gift that won’t break the bank. This is the second year Mia’s teas have made my list because I love them and she keeps making new ones! I can’t wait to try this one *rubs hands together greedily*
  • (Speaking of which, how about one of these adorable dragon mugs from Creature Cups on Etsy? It would go great with one of those Harry Potter-themed teas!)
  • And how about adding some flavored sugar cubes from PopOrganic, also on Etsy? The link takes you to the Italian Lemon ones, but they also come in Vanilla, Kahlua, Cinnamon, and many more! Great for coffee lovers, too.
  • I recently added Forest Druid Creations to my resource page, but it’s worth mentioning Cat’s amazing Winter Solstice kyphi incense again. This would make a beautiful Yule offering! There are also gift sets.
  • For your Heathen or Norse Pagan friend who has everything, check out the absolutely amazing needle felted wool animals and bindrune charms at Stormhorse Runeworks. I couldn’t even pick just one to feature. Sleipnir alone is worth the click 😉
  • Treat your naughtiest friend with a striking original art print of Krampus by Sarah Anne Lawless.
  • Everybody loves candles! Try an adorable wood-wick soy votive candle in a variety of festive scents from Sea Bunny Designs! I’ve got my eye on Cocoa Butter Cashmere 🙂
  • Or how about this cute little bayberry-scented cast iron cauldron candle from The Shabby Witch for a Wiccan friend?
  • If you’re looking for The Perfect Gift for a Hellenic Pagan, look no further than TheHellenicHandmaid. Gorgeous wood altar tiles, traditional shrines, beeswax candles, and more, at very reasonable prices.
  • Lisbeth from SheWhoIsArt is one of my favorite artists. This gorgeous 2017 wall calendar honors the Sacred Feminine in the coming year with some of her most breathtaking works.
  • Because I’m a planner addict who also likes to color, I have to mention the one on my own Yule wishlist this year (even though it’s not from a small business, sorry!) the Panda Planner Color. Rather than just being a way to track appointments, it also helps with goal setting, project planning, and keeping life positive by keeping track of daily “wins” and gratitude. And there are coloring pages!
  • If you have a loved one suffering from insomnia, migraines, neuropathy, PMS, or any number of other conditions, I can happily vouch for the magnesium creams by PrairieWoodSprite on Etsy. They would make a very thoughtful gift. They’re not miracle cures and won’t replace medications, but the “dream cream” has been helpful to me as well as to my children with sleep issues. Regrettably, it hasn’t helped much with my migraines lately (very little does), but it works wonders for my horrible PMS! The creams are available unscented as well as scented in a variety of essential oil blends for different conditions, but the Vanilla is my favorite (it smells good enough to eat!). It also comes in multiple formulas. I’ve tried both the tallow and dream creams, and they’re both wonderful.
  • Lastly, you need to go check out these Mint Herbabies at OffalTeeth. They are too freakin’ cute and perfect for the herb lover, gardener, or plushie fiend in your life. Seriously. We all need this kind of cuteness lurking invasively in our homes ❤

Please leave your own recommendations in the comments, I’d love to see them! And good luck to everybody working retail this season. I sure don’t miss it!


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